The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body (STAB) is a 12 experts body elected by the Meeting of States Parties that provides advice to the Meeting of States Parties in technical matters related to the implementation of the 2001 Convention. It evaluates the observance of the Rules of the Annex of the Convention in all activities directed at the underwater cultural heritage. It also helps providing capacities, drafting national actions plans, and guiding States Parties in the implementation process.  

Assistance in the implementation of the 2001 Convention

States that lack underwater archaeologists, but face problems due to chance discoveries, treasure hunting, scientific doubts, etc. can call on the STAB for assistance. STAB experts are readily available to offer advice or, if necessary, to send a mission to the requesting State Party. Working through physical meetings, electronic exchange and missions, the STAB is dynamic and can intervene in a timely, low-cost manner, as demonstrated by the STAB’s recent investigations into the purported ‘Santa Maria’ wreck, upon request by Haiti or its Madagascar and Panama missions. Besides offering assistance on concrete practical matters, assistance can also be provided on legal issues, such as the revision of national heritage laws.

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Statutes of the Advisory Body

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