The Logo of the 2001 Convention

To increase the visibility and encourage the promotion of the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage at the national, regional and international levels, the Convention is provided with a logo.

The Logo of the Convention represents an underwater cultural heritage site covered by waves. This site represents the archaeological remains of the shipwreck San Juan, a whaling ship built in Passaia (Spain) in 1565 and sunk in Red Bay (Canada) two years later. This site represents the multiculturality and the cultural connections of which the underwater cultural heritage is bearer, important values of the Convention. 

The use of the Logo is governed by the provisions stipulated both in the Operational Guidelines and by the Directives concerning the Use of the Name, Acronym, Logo and Internet Domain Names of UNESCO, as adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO.

The Logo of the Convention, as well as the provisions for its use, have been adopted during the Fifth Session of the Meeting of States Parties in April 2015, by the RESOLUTION 8 / MSP 5The new rules follow the Operational Guidelines, adopted during the Fifth Session of The Meeting of State Parties.

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