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Notable examples exhibiting recovered material from underwater sites

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Many countries with rich underwater heritage have decided to recover artifacts or whole wrecks and exhibit them in museums, which are now lasting cultural attractions for their regions. The museums provide the public at large with easy access to their underwater heritage and thereby stimulate awareness, education and research. Furthermore many of these museums have been strong factors in the urban development of the cities in which they are based. The Vasa, Mary Rose, Bodrum and Roskilde Museums have for instance considerably changed the way Stockholm, Portsmouth, Bodrum and Roskilde look today.

Kyrenia Castle ©WikiCommons

National Museum Athens - Find from Antikythera Wreck © U. Guerin

Submerged - Semisubmerged Museums

A relatively recent development in underwater cultural heritage management has been the establishment of true underwater museums or "museum-aquarium" settings. Their impressive exhibits as well as their technical ingenuity have attracted a lot of attention and have contributed significantly to a rejuvenation of the tourism industry in their regions. Such museums show the underwater environment and the authentic site in situ or in a close-to in situ situation, while still allowing easy access to anyone interested in underwater heritage. 

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