The role of experimental archeology, the reconstruction of ships and the making of replicas, along with the field of underwater archeology, has been recognized among the experts. In the construction of the replicas, based on archaeological vestiges, iconography or documentation, interpretation and interpolation are necessary to build the hulls, the rigging, the sails, the number of the crew and many other critical aspects for the working of a ship.

In both cases efforts are focused on maintaining a rigorous approach to all decisions made during construction and selecting the appropriate techniques, materials and methods.

The use of replicas has been a very effective way for the education and dissemination of Underwater Cultural Heritage. Experimental archeology has allowed the public to bring extinct objects and traditions, such as navigation in antiquity, construction techniques, life on board, etc. And even, together with anthropology, it has helped to reinforce or reject theories about the population of territories or navigation capacity of some typologies of boats in antiquity.

Some of the most relevant replicas examples are:

© The Kyrenia II

© Kon Tiki Museum

© Photothèque CCJ/Loïc DAMELET

© Hellenic Navy



© WGBH Educational Foundation

© Kon Tiki Museum

© Fundacion Nao Victoria


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