The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body

Expert members in discussion at the third meeting of the Advisory Body, Paris 2012. © UNESCO

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body (STAB) to the 2001 Convention is a crucial organ of the 2001 Convention.

It joins twelve elite experts in underwater archaeology and related domains.

The Advisory Body fulfills the essential role of providing assistance and guidance to the Meeting of States Parties in questions of a scientific or technical nature. Any State Party to the Convention can also petition the Advisory Body to give directly practical assistance on specific issues. In response the Advisory Body gives advice or mounts a mission to the requesting State, as was the case with the Advisory Body's recent investigation into the purported 'Santa Maria' wreck in Haiti.

The Advisory Body works through physical meetings, but also through an electronic exchange process and through direct assistance missions to States Parties. It is thus reacting very fast and in a low cost manner.

Thus, States that lack underwater archaeologists, but face problematic situations due to chance finds, treasure-hunting, scientific doubts or other situations, can call on the Advisory Body to intervene as a readily available expert body in a very practical manner. This assistance could also be of importance for the revision of national laws.

Statutes of the Advisory Body: EN | FR | ES | RU | AR | ZH



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