The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body

First Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body, Cartagena 2010

The first Meeting of States Parties to the 2001 Convention (Paris, 26-27 March 2009) established a Scientific and Technical Advisory Body in accordance with Article 23, paragraph 4 of the Convention.

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body is composed of twelve expert members. The Meeting of States Parties may increase this number up to twenty-four.  

Experts are nominated by State Parties. The election of the members of the Advisory Council is conducted with respect to the principle of an equitable geographical distribution, the desirability of a gender balance and the need for a balance between various fields of competence. Furthermore, members must have a scientific, professional and ethical background at the national or international level in one of the following fields:


  • underwater archaeology
  • international law
  • materials science (metallurgy, archaeobiology, geology)
  • conservation of underwater cultural heritage sites or objects

Current members

The Advisory Body:

  1. assists the Meeting of States Parties to the Convention in questions of a scientific or technical nature regarding the implementation of the ‘Rules concerning activities directed at underwater cultural heritage’ (the Annex of the Convention); 
  2. may be consulted for the elaboration of draft Operational Guidelines related to the Rules; gives guidance in questions related to Rules in the framework of the practical application of the State cooperation mechanism contained in the Convention (Articles 8 to13).
  3. The Advisory Body consults and collaborates with accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) having activities related to the scope of the Convention, namely ICOMOS, the International Committee for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICPUCH) and other relevant NGOs recognized by the Meeting States Parties, and work with them.
    These are accredited by the Meeting of States Parties. The Advisory Body reports on its activities at each Meeting of States Parties.

The first election of Board members was held at the second session of the meeting of States Parties to the Convention in 2009.

Statutes of the Advisory Body : EN | FR | ES | RU | AR | ZH

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