The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body

Expert members in discussion at the third meeting of the Advisory Body, Paris 2012. © UNESCO

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Body (STAB) to the 2001 Convention was established by the first Meeting of States Parties in 2009. It is an expert panel consisting of 12 members from all over the world, each one a specialist in the field of underwater archaeology, international law, material sciences or conservation.

The Advisory Body fulfills the crucial role of providing assistance and guidance to the Meeting of States Parties in questions of a scientific or technical nature. As such, in addition to establishing operational guidelines for the implementation of the Convention, the STAB identifies common emerging issues in underwater cultural heritage and recommends appropriate courses of action. As a strong proponent of responsible underwater cultural heritage management, the Advisory Body also proposes, develops and promotes best practices with regard to site protection.

The STAB fulfills its advisory role by reporting on its resolutions and recommendations at the Meeting of States Parties. Importantly however, States party to the 2001 Convention can also petition the Advisory Body directly in order to request assistance on specific issues. In response the STAB can then mount a mission to the requesting State Party, as was the case with the Advisory Body's recent investigation into the purported 'Santa Maria' wreck in Haiti.

Statutes of the Advisory Body: EN | FR | ES | RU | AR | ZH



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