First Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body

The first Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body to the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage took place at the Spanish National Museum for Maritime Archaeology in Cartagena, Spain, on 14 and 15 June 2010.

It was attended by 9 members of the eleven-member Advisory Body, two observers from the countries of the absent members, observers from three States Parties to the Convention and observers from 16 States not party to the Convention as well as one representative of a NGO (ICOMOS - ICUCH). UNESCO’s Section of Museums and Cultural Objects provided the Secretariat.

After lively discussion the eleven current members of the Advisory Body adopted the following resolutions and recommendations: EN | FR | ES | AR | CH | RU

  • the creation of a UNESCO electronic form for the transfer of notifications in the framework of the State cooperation mechanism of the Convention;
  • to not accredit any NGO for cooperation with it until accreditation criteria have been adopted;
  • to foster the adaptation of national legislation protecting underwater cultural heritage and cooperation in this regard, in particular in small Island States
  • to assist in the drafting of national rules for the authorization of interventions on underwater cultural heritage sites,
  • to cooperate with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and national hydro- and oceanographic services;
  • to collect and disseminate accounts of experience with public access and awareness projects;
  • to elaborate guidelines for the establishment of national inventories;
  • to elaborate ethical standards for divers;
  • to provide assistance to States Parties to build capacity in the area of underwater cultural heritage protection;
  • to elaborate a study on the benefit of the valorization of underwater cultural heritage;
  • to elaborate a study on the most significant factors affecting negatively the conservation of underwater cultural heritage and the identification of remedial measures;
  • to recommend the urgent recruitment of additional permanent staff for the UNESCO Secretariat for the Convention and the allocation of additional resources to facilitate the communication with the State Parties and to ensure the effective implementation of the Convention.

First meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body, Cartagena 2010

First meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body, Cartagena 2010

Museum ARQUA

Museum ARQUA - Director Ivan Negueruela

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