Third Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body

UNESCO © Second meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body at UNESCO Headquarters, April 2011.

The third meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body took place at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, on 19 April 2012.

The main issues discussed were:

  1. Emerging issues of underwater archaeology;
  2. Education and awareness raising;
  3. Cooperation with accredited NGOs;
  4. Licensing for scientific divers;
  5. De-accessioning of artefacts; and
  6. Inventorying of heritage.

Working Documents of the Meeting:

  • Item 1: Election of Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Adoption of the Agenda. EN | FR
  • Item 2: Tasks of the Advisory Body, means to increase visibility and implementation of recommendations, cooperation with NGOs. EN | FR
  • Item 3: Identifying common and emerging issues of underwater archaeology. EN | FR
  • Item 4: Discussion on education and awareness-raising. EN | FR
  • Item 5: Virtual Access Initiatives. EN | FR
  • Item 6: Ways to harmonize the licensing for scientific divers. EN | FR
  • Item 7:Discussion of guidelines for the inventory of underwater cultural heritage. EN | FR
  • Item 8: Date and venue of the next meeting of the Advisory Body. EN | FR  

Recommendations and Final Report EN | FR

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