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Papers from the 2013 AIMA Conference Workshop

The Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology organized an international workshop in 2013 aiming at encouraging the Australian Government towards immediate ratification of the UNESCO 2001 Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage to meet the international best practice for management of underwater cultural heritage. The Papers of the Convference highlight the variety and significance of Australian underwater cultural heritage and the benefits that the ratification of the 2001 Convention would bring to the region.

Underwater Cultural Heritage and International Law

The book, written by Sarah Dromgoole, reputed Professor of Maritime Law at the University of Nottingham, recaptures the creation and development of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. Central in this study is the assessment of the relation between the UNESCO Convention and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, exploring also the main issues representatives of the UNESCO Member States were faced with in negotiating the text: “the question of ownership of sunken vessels and cargoes; sovereign immunity and sunken warships; the application of salvage law; the ethics of commercial exploitation; and, most crucially, the question of jurisdictional competence to regulate activities beyond territorial sea limits."

International Meeting on the Protection, Presentation and Valorisation of Underwater Cultural Heritage - Chongqing, China

Proceedings of the Meeting that took place in Chongqinq, China (23 to 27 November 2010) with several of the world’s leading experts in underwater archaeology and museology. They explored ways of improving the protection and dissemination of in situ underwater archaeological sites.

Underwater Cultural Heritage in Oceania

The Pacific Ocean contains a wealth of submerged traces of human existence. It spans over three continents - Asia, Australia and America. Its archipelagos and islands stretch over a great distance. Many of them were populated by humans of early civilisation, which underwent a process of substantial change by European colonialism.

"Underwater Cultural Heritage at Risk: Managing Natural and Human Impacts"

This publication is part of the ICOMOS Heritage at Risk series. “Underwater Cultural Heritage at Risk” demonstrates the application of the principles of the 2001 UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

The Underwater Cultural Heritage

Publication of the UNESCO Havana Office on the underwater cultural heritage in Latin-American and the Caribbean region, and the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (in Spanish).

Green Paper - Spanish National Plan for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage

This publication shows the commitment of Spanish autonomous regions and institutions to develop documentation, research, inventories, programmes and policies that will improve the management and protection of the Spanish underwater cultural heritage, in harmony with the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and its Annex.

Manual of Didactic Activities for Teachers: Educational Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage.

This didactic manual was produced by the Portuguese National Commission to UNESCO, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the 2001 Convention. It is intended for teachers and education professionals to use in their classes as a guide to perform activities that relate to the dissemination and understanding of the 2001 Convention and the importance of the protection of the underwater cultural heritage.

Underwater Archaeology and Coastal Management: Focus on Alexandria

This book deals with the underwater cultural heritage of the city of Alexandria, Egypt, and the problems that arise from its urban development and renewal, as well as the protection of the incredible archaeological and historical context that is submerged. 

Articles & Journals

The Underwater Cultural Heritage: A Humanity’s Legacy.

This article has been published in the magazine "Excelencias", and aims at strengthening our mission to promote the protection and conservation of the underwater cultural heritage. "Excelencias" is a Cuban-Spanish quarterly dedicated to culture and tourism in the Caribbean (in Spanish by Tatiana Villegas).

UNESCO VOICES 2010: Thailand Workshop

An electronic newsletter published monthly to cover UNESCO programmes and activities in Asia and the Pacific. In its January - March 2010 issue, number 21, an article was dedicated to underwater cultural heritage and underwater archaeologists.

Submerged Memory - The UNESCO Courier on Underwater Cultural Heritage

The UNESCO Courier has been one of the most read UN journals since it appearance in 1988. Its 2009 issue, number 1, explored the world's submerged archaeological sites.

MUSEUM International on Underwater Cultural Heritage

The current issue of Museum International discusses exploration and preservation of underwater sites, highlighting maintenance in situ. It presents technological innovations for conserving submerged objects, and cautions against the dangers of commercially exploiting underwater cultural heritage. Attention is also given to the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage: its benefits and the challenges that are still to be met.

World of Science - Article on Underwater Cultural Heritage

This quarterly newsletter provides information on the work of UNESCO in the field of natural sciences. In its issue of April-June 2009, an article was dedicated to the underwater cultural heritage.

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