14.01.2016 - Culture Sector

Call for applications: Underwater Archaeological Finds Conservation and Restoration Courses at the International Centre for Archaeology in Zadar

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology (ICUA), operating under the auspices of UNESCO (cat. 2) is organizing a course in the restoration and conservation of underwater archaeological finds to be held in Zadar, Croatia, from 1 January - 1 May 2016.

This international course is targeted to the practical and theoretical training of its participants to enable them to independently work in the restoration and conservation of underwater archaeological finds.

The course will consist of practical work under the supervision of a mentor at the ICUA laboratory. Participants will have the opportunity to work on the various materials treated at the three main workshops that deal with metal, ceramic and glass, and organic finds. Training will be provided by ICUA Zadar staff, pursuant to the official course programme manual and the standards valid for the ICUA/UNESCO advanced course of 2011.

For additional information, see www.icua.hr/en/courses/242-call-for-applications-underwater-archaeological-finds-conservation-and-restoration-courses-winter-2016.

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