16.09.2010 - Secretariat of the 2001 Convention

Exhibition on the Underwater Cultural Heritage on view at Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World

© M. Takahiko\UNESCO

A major exhibition on the underwater cultural heritage at the Siam Ocean World in Bangkok. The exhibition entitled “Saving Our Underwater Cultural Heritage” is on view from 16 August to 31 October 2010 and more than 150.000 visitors are expected.

This photo exhibition on selected underwater cultural heritage sites illustrates the beauty of the traces of human existence covered by water through depicting stunning underwater heritage scenes from around the world. From ancient shipwrecks to underwater caves, the exhibition offers an insight to the diversity of submerged archaeological sites and its astonishing condition of conservation through the centuries and even millennia.

“Saving Our Underwater Cultural Heritage” exhibit includes:

  • Stunning underwater heritage scenes from around the world displayed in large format photographs
  • A life-size replica of a Thai ship wreck
  • A showcase of discoveries recovered from the seabed
  • A film on the underwater cultural heritage
  • Special demonstrations of underwater archaeologists in action in the aquarium tank
  • Interactive play zones for children and UNESCO-Cartoons 

    Watch the video of the opening!

This initiative is being implemented by UNESCO’s office in Bangkok in collaboration with the Thai Fine Arts Department, supported by the Secretariat of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. The exhibition is part of a regional programme which established the first training centre in underwater cultural heritage in the Asia Pacific in Thailand's Chanthaburi province.



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