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Expert meeting on underwater museum project in Alexandria

Expert meeting on underwater museum project in Alexandria

03-07-2006   to   06-07-2006
(Alexandria - Egypt)

Following the discovery and partial recovery of precious statues and artefacts in the area of the eastern harbour of Alexandria, Egypt, an international meeting of experts discussed the feasibility of constructing an underwater museum in this unique environment in July 2006.

In addition to exhibiting archaeological artefacts, this museum could also set standards for collection management, research and presentation of underwater cultural heritage, through educational and training activities as well as interpretation facilities.

During the meeting, the experts decided that the museum should feature an above-water exhibition space for the interpretation of underwater vestiges and the presentation of recovered artefacts, as well as an easily accessible underwater area for visitors corresponding to the major archaeological zones. The museum might therefore be conceived as a sort of “aquarium” with underwater “tubes” extending down into the Bay of Alexandria to allow visitors to view the work carried out by underwater archaeologists on artefacts in situ.

The meeting was divided into four sessions devoted to the following topics:

  • underwater archaeology,
  • architecture of submarine constructions,
  • environmental conditions,
  • socio-economic and urban impact.

The next step will be to undertake a feasibility study for the museum buildings and their infrastructure, for which UNESCO was asked to give advice.

Background document:

  • Start date - Local time:   03- 07- 2006
  • End date - Local time:  06- 07- 2006
  • Organizer  :  UNESCO 
  • Event Location  :  Alexandria, Egypt

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