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First Training Course on Underwater Cultural Heritage Management for South American Countries

© T.Villegas/UNESCO. Photo de groupe des participants à la formation après la première plongée en mer.

UNESCO, in collaboration with ‘Latin American National Institute of Anthropology and Though’ is organizing the first training course on Underwater Cultural Heritage management for South American countries from 18 November to 12 December 2013.

This course is a part of the regional programme entitles: "Capacity-building, enhancing implementation actions and ratification schemes of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (2001) in Latin America and the Caribbean." This programme is being implemented with the generous contribution of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

The course will be taught by renowned professionals in the field of underwater archaeology, the management of the underwater cultural heritage and its legal protection. The training course aims to highlight the threat of treasure hunting within the practically non-existent legal and academic framework dealing with the underwater cultural heritage. Therefore, UNESCO points out the importance of the ratification of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater cultural Heritage, which ensures the best protection of underwater archaeological sites, and its Annex which provides a guide to the activities concerning heritage.

The training course is addressed to archaeologists and professionals already working in the field of the cultural heritage research and protection. The general objectives of this course are:

  • To prepare archaeologists and cultural professionals with the basic tools needed to identify and evaluate the underwater cultural heritage and to elaborate management plans for its protection and public enjoyment.
  • To promote a regional network that encourages states to collaborate and develop good practice through cooperation and exchange of information and experience.
  • To assist in the preparation of Member States in the implementation of the 2001 UNESCO Convention and its Annex, and encourage the steps to follow for ratification.

The programme is divided into two parts: One theoretical, held at Buenos Aires, and one practical, including pool exercises, visits to heritage sites and a week of fieldwork in an underwater site in the town of Puerto Madryn, Province of Chubut, in Argentina.


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