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Nautical and Underwater Archaeology at the University of Cádiz (Spain)

University of Cadiz (Spain)

The Spanish University of Cadiz establishes a high education and research programme on nautical and underwater archeology.

The University of Cadiz has established a comprehensive programme with graduate, Masters and PhD degrees focused exclusively on nautical and underwater archeology. It is the first time that a university offers a cross-specialized education programme -in Spanish- for the research, preservation and protection of the underwater cultural heritage, in line with the principles of safeguarding, capacity-building and researching advocated by UNESCO in its 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

This programme counts with the scientific coordination of Professor Xavier Nieto, member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body to the UNESCO 2001 Convention as well as with professors and researchers from different Spanish and international institutions. The University of Cádiz has recently applied to become a member of the UNESCO UNITWIN Network of Underwater Archaeology. This UNESCO Network was established in 2012 and it currently gathers more than 20 universities and associated centers around the world dedicated to the education and research in underwater archeology.

The first Master course in Nautical and Underwater Archaeology of the University of cadiz will begin in October 2016, while several doctoral students are already registered carrying out thesis on issues related to the submerged hertiage.

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