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Quito Meeting on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Source: Wikimedia Commons/UNESCO

Quito Meeting on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

Quito, capital of Ecuador, hosted from 29 to 30 November 2007 a regional meeting on the protection of the underwater cultural heritage and the UNESCO 2001 Convention. The meeting was organized by the UNESCO Quito Office in close coordination with other UNESCO Cluster Offices of the Latin American and the Caribbean region and the support of UNESCO Headquarters, Section of Museums and Cultural Objects.

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The meeting’s objective was to encourage the Latin American countries, which haven not yet ratified the 2001 Convention to do so and to discuss the implmentation of the Convention with the States already parties.

In the Latin American and Caribbean region, five States have already ratified the 2001 Convention (Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, and Saint Lucia).

Many States expressed during the Quito meeting their interest in a future ratification.

The meeting took place in presence of the Ministers for Culture of Guatemala and of Ecuador, furthermore present were representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Culture of each invited country as well as Permanents Secretaries of the UNESCO National Commissions of the Andean Region and UNESCO Offices.

During the meeting invited experts, as for instance Prof. Keun-Gwan Lee of South Korea, Pilar Luna from Mexico and a representative of Interpol spoke on underwater archeology and the Law of the Sea. A representative from UNESCO Headquarters explained the 2001 Convention, its importance, objectives and the reason why it is necessary for the LAC countries to ratify.

  • Organizer  :  UNESCO Quito 
  • Event Location  :  Quito, Ecuador
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