24.11.2016 - Culture Sector

UNESCO 2001 Convention Roundtable: Connecting Underwater Cultural Heritage Research and Protection worldwide

Archaeologist recording the Swash Channel Wreck, an early 17th-century armed merchantman wrecked outside of Poole Harbour, UK.

28 November 2016, Fremantle, Australia

A UNESCO roundtable, organized on 28 November 2016, the first day of the International Conference on Underwater Archaeology IKUWA6 in Fremantle, Australia, will debate the status of underwater cultural heritage protection and research worldwide, as well as the situation of the discipline of underwater archaeology today.

International expert speakers will address overall site protection and management issues, challenges posed by industrial works as well as by pillage and exploitation, the status of legal protection and progress in the implementation of the UNESCO 2001 Convention, and finally the general needs and trends in their regions. The roundtable discussion will then seek to indicate solutions for the identified challenges, in order to report the opinions of the professionals at the governmental level during the upcoming Meeting of States Parties to the 2001 Convention.

The roundtable will be chaired by Ulrike Guerin, in charge of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. 

You can see the provisional agenda of this roundtable HERE

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