Eleventh Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory (STAB)

The 11th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body (STAB) will be held online on September 14 and 15, 2020. Sessions will start at 3 pm and end at 6 pm (CET Paris) and will be accessible via the Interprefy platform. The working languages will be English and French. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in both languages.

The logistical aspects of the debate will be organized by the Secretariat of the 2001 convention, which will bring together the members of STAB and observers (States Parties, NGOs, universities).

The meeting will include a discussion on the STAB missions to Guatemala and Paraguay, followed by a reflection on the concepts of the 2001 Convention. A discussion on the evaluation of nominations of Examples of Best Practices concerning underwater cultural heritage will follow. Finally, the work will conclude with some considerations on the evaluation of the 2001 Convention by the IOS.

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Working Documents:

Election of the Bureau

UCH/20/11.STAB/1            EN | FR

Adoption of the Agenda

UCH/20/11.STAB/2/REV     EN | FR

Secretariat Report

UCH/20/11.STAB/3             EN  |  FR

STAB Missions

UCH/20/11.STAB/4/REV      EN  |  FR

Clarification of concepts of the 2001 Convention

UCH/20/11.STAB/5             EN  |  FR

Distinction to personalities who have largely contributed to the promotion of underwater cultural heritage

UCH/20/11.STAB/6            EN | FR

Technical Evaluation of Best Practices Examples

UCH/20/11.STAB/7            EN | FR

Recommendations from the Evaluation of the 2001 Convention

UCH/20/11.STAB/8            EN  |  FR

Date and venue of the next meeting

UCH/20/11.STAB/10          EN | FR 

Resolutions and Recommendations

UCH/20/11.STAB/11         EN | FR

Final Report

UCH/20/11.STAB/12         EN | FR

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