Fifth Meeting of the Advisory Body

Information session on the 2001 Convention for Permanent Delegations, Paris 2014. © UNESCO/N. Houguenade

The fifth meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body took place at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, on 11 June 2014.

It was be preceded by an information session for Permanent Delegations on the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage by the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body, on 10 June.

The Advisory Body adopted the following resolutions and recommendations: 

  • to foster public access to underwater cultural heritage, either in situ, in land-based museums or through virtual access, by promoting Best Practice initiatives;
  • to encourage further cooperation and collaboration among NGOs and between NGOs and the Advisory Body; 
  • to ensure proper protection of WWII underwater cultural heritage;
  • to strengthen protection of underwater cultural heritage in recognized World Heritage Sites where part of the site is submerged; 
  • to apply the Rules of the Convention as best practice, even in states which have not yet ratified the Convention;
  • to take active and not only passive measures to implement the Convention and to protect underwater sites.

Working Documents of the Advisory Body meeting :

  • Item 1: Election of Chairperson, Vice-Chairpersons and Adoption of the Agenda. EN | FR
  • Item 2: Best Practices regarding Public Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites. EN | FR
  • Item 3: NGO Cooperation. EN | FR 
  • Item 4: Education and Awareness-Raising Activities. EN | FR 
  • Item 5: Date and venue of the next meeting of the Advisory Body. EN | FR

Final report and recommendations: EN | FR

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