Third Meeting of the Advisory Body

Third meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body, Paris 2012. © UNESCO

The third meeting of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body took place at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, on 19 April 2012.

The main issues discussed were:

  • the importance of NGO accreditation and increased involvement of NGOs in the Advisory Body meetings;
  • the identification and monitoring of emerging issues within underwater cultural heritage; 
  • the incorporation of underwater cultural heritage in educational initiatives;
  • the importance of promoting virtual access initiatives in underwater cultural heritage; 
  • the international harmonization of licensing for scientific divers;
  • the elaboration of guidelines for inventorying of underwater cultural heritage;
  • the conclusion that the de-accessioning of artifacts from underwater cultural heritage in order to finance excavations is not consistent with the Rules of the 2001 Convention.

Final report and recommendations of the third meeting: EN | FR

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