In addition to the State Parties to the 2001 UNESCO Convention, other partners are involved and dedicated to the protection of underwater cultural heritage. All of them make the protection possible. The UNESCO Secretariat of the 2001 Convention thus works with a wide range of partners in the fields of protection, study and management of underwater archaeological sites.

Museums and touristic stakeholders are vital to the work of the Convention as they contribute to offer the necessary visibility of the underwater cultural heritage. They are the one that can directly address to a larger public while promoting a better access to scientific and archaeologic knowledge. Meanwhile, public access to underwater cultural heritage, in situ or in a museum, can also improve the local tourism industry.

The implementation of the 2001 Convention is based upon the establishment of competent authorities by each State Parties to ensure a proper protection of the underwater cultural heritage and allow research and education to be developed.

As for the diving community, its various members are also crucial to the work of the 2001 Convention. It is underwater archaeologists who are in direct contact with the UCH. Therefore they are also among the main stakeholders in protecting and creating public awareness of the underwater cultural heritage.

Finally, it is important to foster our educational work with the children, since the young generations are the one who will take this issue in hand for the future.

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