Despite the interest of the scientific community and the increasing awareness of the public, underwater cultural heritage remains subject to systematic and unprecedented treasure-hunt. Its pillage and commercial exploitation become a threat not only to different cultures, but also to the development of local sustainable tourism.

However, pillage is not the only problem. Ancient shipwrecks, sunken ruins and submerged prehistoric sites are also destroyed by trawling, dredging, scrapping, and coastal erosion.

Better protection and a stronger development of underwater archaeology are urgently needed.

You can become part of the team by supporting our projects and making protection a reality!

  • The 2001 UNESCO Convention is the only international agreement specifically dedicated to the protection of the underwater cultural heritage.
  • UNESCO counts on a large international partner network and reliably implements projects worldwide with the help of its Field Offices.
  • We speak many languages, but we have all one goal: Save our underwater cultural heritage.  

See below some of our recent example projects. See also reasons why to partner with UNESCO and read examples of projects you could help fund.


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