Partners & NGOs

Accredited NGO's help UNESCO achieving its universal goals at local, regional and national level as for instance on the presentation of the importance of submerged heritage in the understading of climate change, during the COP 21 in Paris (France) in 2016.

The UNESCO Secretariat of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage works with a wide range of partners in the fields related to the protection, study and management of the submerged archaeological sites. 

Partners are crucial enablers for implementing the 2001 Convention and its scientific standards as well as for generating long-lasting effect in the preservation of the underwater cultural heritage and in the involvement of the public in its valorization and management. 

Partnerships allow UNESCO to work at global, regional and national level, consolidating the impact of its actions as well as raising capacities and awareness.

UNESCO partners in the field of underwater cultural heritage are: 

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