This page contains a short selection of UNESCO's most relevant publications on underwater cultural heritage. For more publications, search the UNESDOC database.
Many of our publications are available in multiple languages; links to specific language editions can be found underneath the publication titles. 

UNESCO Publication

Underwater cultural heritage (UCH) related legislation and programme review in the five countries in Micronesia (2018)

Safeguarding underwater cultural heritage in the Pacific (2017)

Teacher Manual: Heritage for Peace and Reconciliation (2015)

EN | FR | PT

Underwater Cultural Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean (2015)


Underwater Cultural Heritage from World War I (2015)

Underwater Cultural Heritage and Small Island Developing States (2014)

Manual for Activities Directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage (2013)

EN | FR | SP | AR

Training Manual on the Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage (2012)

Scientific Colloquium on Factors Impacting Underwater Cultural Heritage (2011)

International Meeting on the Protection, Presentation and Valorisation of Underwater Cultural Heritage (2011) 










Underwater Cultural Heritage in Oceania (2010)

Museum International: Underwater Cultural Heritage (2008)


Underwater Cultural Heritage: Latin America and the Caribbean (2003, multilingual)

Underwater Archaeology and Coastal Management: Focus on Alexandria (2000)


Information Booklet and Brochures

Information Kit on the 2001 Convention

EN | FR | SP | RUCH | AR | PT

Brochure on the 2001 Convention

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Brochure on the Diver Code of Ethics

EN (A4 format) | EN (US letter format)

Brochure: Heritage for Peace and Reconciliation


Brochure: What is the Underwater Cultural Heritage




Culture and Development from the protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage perspective (2012, UNESCO Culture & Development magazine)


Underwater Cultural Heritage: Humanity's Legacy (Excelencias Magazine, UNESCO Havana office)

Maritime Mysteries: Diving for Clues (2010, UNESCO VOICES)

Submerged Memory (2009, the UNESCO Courier)

EN | FR | SP

Of shipwrecks, lost worlds and grave robbers (2009, UNESCO - A World of Science)

EN | FR | SP | RU | AR

Underwater Heritage: a Treasure Trove to Protect (1997, UNESCO Sources)

EN | FR | SP

Archaeology Under Water (1987, the UNESCO Courier)

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Note: The below works are intended to provide information and academic resources related to the Convention and underwater archeology. Any views or opinions expressed below are solely those of the respective author and do not necessarily represent those of UNESCO and its affiliates.

Publications by Related Organisations

Conservation of Underwater Archaeological Finds: Manual (Second Edition, 2014, by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar)

Conservation of Underwater Archaeological Finds: Manual (First Edition, 2011, by the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar)

Underwater Cultural Heritage at Risk: Managing Natural and Human Impacts (2008, by ICOMOS)


Related Documents

  • History of the 2001 Convention 
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  • The 2001 Convention: Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Submerged Archaeological Sites: Commercial Exploitation Compared to Long-term Protection
  • The Benefit of the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Growth, Tourism and Urban Development
  • UNESCO Code of Ethics for Diving on Submerged Archaeological Sites
    EN | FR | SP | RU | AR | CH
  • Report and Evaluation: Mission of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Body to Haiti
    EN | FR
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