Training Activities for the Underwater Cultural Heritage

UNESCO©, Training course in survey and recording techniques, Guanabo, Cuba (5-10 Mars, 2012)

One of the major concerns of UNESCO is the establishment of research methodologies that follow international and scientific standards in activities directed at underwater cultural heritage. In order to obtain proper protection, preservation and research of this heritage, it is necessary to count with trained professionals that -along with an appropriate legal framework- safeguard the concerned sites.

UNESCO is committed to this cause through diverse capacity building programmes organized either by its Headquarters or field offices (for example in Bangkok, Dar es Salaam, Havana and Venice). It does so in cooperation with reliable implementation partners in almost every region worldwide.

Document: Overview Training Activitites in Underwater Archaeology

Training courses on Underwater Cultural Heritage protection and underwater archaeology organized by UNESCO:

The UNESCO accredited Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE) has implemented several training, capacity building programs appropriate for a number of countries, and taking into consideration the requirements of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. In 2010 the Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage  Activities (MUCH) have taken place in South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique und Micronesia. For 2011 more courses are scheduled.


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