Educational Activities on Underwater Cultural Heritage

Educational Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage

The Portuguese National Commission to UNESCO, in collaboration with the Secretariat of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, the International Centre for Coastal Ecohydrology of UNESCO (ICCE) and the History Centre of Alem-Mar (CHAM) of the New University of Lisbon, has elaborated an Educational Kit on the underwater cultural heritage.

This didactic manual is intended for teachers and education professionals to use in their classes as a guide to perform activities -adapted to specific local contexts and necessities from every school, country or region- that aim the dissemination and understanding of the 2001 Convention and the importance of the protection of the underwater cultural heritage. It creates a commitment between teachers and students in the development of projects and initiatives within the context of the preservation of this type of heritage.

The underwater cultural heritage is a crucial component of humanity’s cultural heritage, thus it is a key component of the understanding of our past and, therefore, our present. Educating the youngest generations on its protection will assure its preservation for future ones.


Manual of Didactic Activities for Teachers: Educative Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage.  


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