Did You Know? Amazing discoveries were made under water...

Beneath the surface of the oceans, lakes and rivers not only shipwrecks, but also thousands of other archaeological sites can be found. This includes ruins, ancient submerged ports, the remains of human dwellings, but also whole cultural landscapes.

Amazing discoveries were made worldwide:

There are some 3000 known Mesolithic settlement sites on the bed of  the Baltic Sea, some 20,000 are supposed to exist in that region. They were submerged, when the land of a zone called by scientists Doggerland, was flooded by rising waters.

Some 150 submerged ruin sites have been located by scientists around the Mediterranean. Among them are three sunken cities found in the Bay of Abukir, Egypt. The ports of the famed cities of Cartage and Delos, as well as the unique Petropavli and the spectacularly beautiful Kekova. A submerged colonial port, telling tales of pirates and treasure, Port Royal, was investigated in Jamaica.

Elephant tusks thousands of years old have been trawled up by fishermen off the Catalan coast and off Sicily. The North Sea hides mammoth graves and neolithic campsites.

Wrecks of submarines and aircraft carriers from World War II are located beneath the sea off the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Ancient submerged hydroglyphs can be admired in an underwater museum in the Jangtse River in China, others are to be found in the Nile, in Egypt.

© U. Guérin/UNESCO
Ancient Roman harbour at Brioni Island and ruins of adjacent villas. Croatia.