Did You Know? A bronze statue was found on the bed of the Adria off Croatia ....

A Hellenistic bronze statue, produced in the time between the 1st and 3rd century BC was found by an amateur diver off the Island of Vele Orjule (Croatia). It was lying in the sandy seabed, far from any shipwreck. The statue was that of a young athlete.

The type of the statue is called ‘Apoxyomenos’ (the "Scraper") and represents a conventional subject of ancient Greek votive sculpture: an athlete, scraping sweat from his body.

It was possible to date the piece due to the remains of the nest of a little rodent found inside the statue.

The statue is so unique as mostly only marble statues of this type of subject survived.

© D. Frka/UNESCO
Bronze statue of a young athlete, Vele, Croatia.