Did You Know? The Sin flood may have occurred...

A submerged Neolithic Stone Age settlement and the remains of an ancient log boat were found in the waters of the Black Sea, giving testimony of human habitation about 7,600 years ago.

Until 5,500 BC the Black Sea is supposed to have indeed been a smaller freshwater lake. Some opposing hypotheses have been advanced to explain a suggested Black Sea deluge, possible origin of the legend of Noah’s Flood and resulting in a filling of the basin with salt water from the Mediterranean.

Some scientists sustain that waters from the Mediterranean Sea were breaching a sill in the Bosporus Strait causing a catastrophic rise in the level of the Black Sea, submerging dwellings around the coast line, including this recently discovered late Stone Age settlement. It is even claimed that the event could be at the origin of Plato’s story of Atlantis. 

Source: Wikipedia Commons/UNESCO
Representation of Noah's Ark : The sindflood may have caused the flooding of the Black Sea area and some scientific evidence of submerged dwellings has been found.