Moonscoop supports UNESCO.



The popular preschool animated series “Dive Olly Dive!” has been selected by UNESCO as part of its new educational campaign to teach children about the importance and beauty of the world’s rich underwater cultural heritage.




The cooperation project with “Dive Olly Dive!” will help raise awareness of this heritage, within the framework of UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. The Convention was adopted in 2001 to improve the safeguarding of such heritage, which includes ancient shipwrecks, submerged ruins and underwater caves containing archaeological vestiges.

“Dive Olly Dive!” follows the fun-filled underwater escapades of two young research submarines-in-training, who live in a deep-sea research centre. Created using the latest high-definition 3D computer generated animation, the series features a vivid underwater environment. Its stories educate children on the delicate nature of the ecosystems and submerged archaeological sites beneath the oceans.

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