Foreword by the Assistant Director General for Culture

Mr. Francesco Bandarin, Sous-Directeur général pour la culture de l'UNESCO

This Manual is the result of an effort to establish state-of-the-art management and protection of submerged archaeological sites in light of UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage of 2001. It is intended for use as a reference tool by site managers, by stakeholders and partners in the protection of underwater cultural heritage, and by persons responsible for training courses in underwater archaeology.

More specifically, its contents expand on and illustrate the thirty-six Rules concerning activities directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage presented in the Annex to the Convention, and fully endorsed by the members of the Convention’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Body in May 2011.

UNESCO wishes to thank the Kingdom of Norway for its generous support, Thijs Maarleveld, Professor for Maritime Archaeology and President of the ICOMOS International Committee for Underwater Cultural Heritage, for his guidance, as well as the international team of eighteen renowned archaeologists and the editorial staff who contributed to making this project come true.


Francesco Bandarin

Assistant Director-General for Culture

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