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The Wreck Sorres X (14th century) sunk in the Canal de Remo Olímpico de Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain. This is a rare case of a ship with both types of rudders: axial rudder (side rudder a.k.a. quarter rudder) and lateral rudder (stern rudder). It was discovered during the construction works of the Olympic channel of Castelldefels in 1990. After preparatory work, it was excavated between 1990 and 1991 under the direction of A. Martín. The project report was published in 1992. The efficient and timely completion of this project from preparatory work to publication was achieved through rigorous planning and accurate implementation of the project design.

Setting a timetable for the whole of a project, as well as for each of its individual phases and activities, is a fundamental component of a good quality project design.

A timetable is an essential means of setting a project's aims and activities into an achievable schedule given the available resources.


Example of a basic Gantt chart illustrates the work breakdown of the project over the time.


The arguments of this chapter are:


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