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5 volume report publication on the underwater archaeological excavation at Red Bay, Canada. In 1978 Parks Canada underwater archaeologists discovered the wreck of a 16th century Basque whaling vessel in Red Bay, Labrador, believed to be the San Juan (1565). This 5-volume publication is the culmination of over 25 years of research by associates and members of Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Service. It describes not only the underwater archaeology as practiced at Red Bay but also 16th century ship construction, whaling and material cultural studies.

Reporting, the archiving of data and finds, and dissemination of search results are daily routines that begin with the first day of work in archaeology.

Although the Annex only addresses these issues towards the end, reporting should be addressed from the very beginning of any archaeological project.

Rules 30 and Rule 31 deal with reporting. Rule 32, Rule 33 and Rule 34 have the curation of archives as their theme.

Finally, the publication and dissemination programme is addressed in Rules 35 and 36.

Note that reporting, publication and dissemination are three different things.

The arguments of this chapter are:

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