22.09.2010 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

African experts gather for training in Technical and Vocational Education and Training

A workshop gathers African experts to develop their capacities in Technical and Vocational Education and Training at the regional, sub-regional and national level

The key players in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at regional, sub-regional and national levels were gathered at the seminar for capacity building for planning and implementing TVET programmes in Africa.

The meeting took place from 2-4 September 2010 in Zanzibar, Tanzania within the framework of the "Capacity building for Education for All” (Cap-EFA) programmes.

It was organized jointly by the UNESCO Regional Office for Education in Africa (BREDA), based in Dakar, Senegal, and UNESCO Dar Es Salaam.

It was attended by the African Union, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), namely ECOWAS, ECCAS, EAC and SADC, national representatives of Cap-EFA countries, as well as key partners (i.e.- the United Nations Development Programme) around the theme of TVET.

Clear vision

Participants were able to have a clear vision of the CAP EFA capacity building process and tools available to them, sharing their respective experiences in terms of TVET and thereby strengthening synergies at all levels.

Following the seminar, participants made recommendations concerning, among others, the establishment of an Inter-Agency Task Force, such as the one established at the ECOWAS level, for the other RECs, the development of statistical information systems on TVET and the labor market, an improved coordination between the Ministry responsible for TVET, and the diagnosis and the establishment of a regional consultation on national and regional qualification frameworks.

Knowledge assets

Participants also pledged to realize studies to share their experiences and support other countries in their process of strengthening the TVET "knowledge assets".

African countries should create an average of 30,000 jobs/per million in the population to absorb young people entering the labor market and these measures could further adapt TVET to the labor market.

About the CAP-EFA programme

Since 2002, many CAP-EFA programs support sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries to strengthen the national processes of capacity building for improved educational planning and management.

The specific aim of CAP EFA programs is to help countries build a critical mass of resources able to design and implement policies and sustainable education programs and rational.

In alignment with the programs of Education for All (EFA), CAP EFA projects involved in the areas of action include: TVET, literacy and non formal education, development of policies and practices related to Teachers, and an educational multi-sector response, including the planning of educational policies.

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