04.09.2015 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Celebrating International Literacy Day (8 September) in the Sahel region

Literacy learners in a remote area in Western Senegal. ©UNESCO/Saip Sy

International Literacy Day will be celebrated on 8 September 2015. This year's theme is Literacy and Sustainable Societies.

To commemorate the Day, countries covered by the UNESCO Regional Office in Dakar are organizing the following activities:

Burkina Faso: International Literacy Day will be celebrated in Kaya, thecapital of the central northern region under the chairmanship of the Minister of National Education and Literacy. Focus will be on giving visibility of non-formal education in the country. A conference is scheduled for 7 September on the theme of this year and non-formal education in Burkina Faso. On 8 September a ceremony is organized to commemorate International Literacy Day.

Guinea-Bissau: The Day will be celebrated with various activities:

• 50 participants are expected at the conference on Literacy and Sustainable Societies in which the message of the Director General of UNESCO will be issued. A statement on literacy and non-formal education in the post 2015 agenda is also foreseen;

• A television debate on literacy issues will be aired on national TV on 8 September at 18:45;

  • Information will be disseminated through national radios 

Mali: An event will be organized to celebrate International Literacy Day, which will  also be the occasion to inaugurate a literacy program for young urban workers. The goal is to bring literacy to young job seekers.

Niger: Several activities will be carried out:

• Prepare T-shirts, banners and caps;

• Edit special newspaper, flyers and posters;

• Organize a round table of technical and financial partners and the private sector to discuss the financing of literacy eradication in Niger. Indeed, with the support of UNESCO, the Government of Niger has adopted the national policy on literacy and non-formal education and accelerated literacy plan by 2023.

Senegal: The State Secretariat on Literacy and the Promotion of National Languages ​​will organize the 40th session of the National Literacy Week during the period from 8 to 14 September 2015 throughout the national territory. The following activities are planned:

• The official opening of the National Literacy Week to be held on 8 September in Keur Massar, a suburb of Dakar. This municipality is distinguished through its commitment and participation in the national illiteracy eradication efforts;

• A special programme devoted to literacy will be aired on national television RTS1;

• From 9-14 September, several panels will be organized in Dakar on the synergy between litearcy, non-formal education and technical and vocational training to promote sustainable societies, on the results and perspectives of the project RAMAA (Action Research Project on on Measuring Learning in Literacy) and innovative experiences in selected literacy projects. 

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