02.05.2014 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Celebration of the World Press Freedom Day 2014 in Senegal

The World Press Freedom day will be celebrated in Dakar, Senegal on Saturday 3 May 2014, starting at 9 am in the Grand Theatre.

This year the theme chosen by the international community is: “Media Freedom for a Better Future: Shaping the Post-2015 Development Agenda”. Thus, it will focus on the role of free, pluralistic and independent media and their contribution to sustainable development.

The discussion will focus on the role and place of media in popularizing the agenda for the post-2015 development, and in supporting the implementation of this agenda through a viable and professional journalism.

UNESCO, in collaboration with its national and international partners, will pay a tribute to journalists killed while carrying out their duty of work in 2013, as well as to the pioneers of the Senegalese press. The tribute will be paid in the presence of Sheikh Abiboulaye Dieye, the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy in Senegal, who will chair the ceremony.

The media is cordially invited.

The ceremony will proceed as follows:

1. Welcoming words by Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta, Director of the Regional Multisectoral UNESCO Office for the Sahel region

2. A video message from Irina Bokova , Director-General of UNESCO and Ban Ki -Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

3. A message from Mrs. High Commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights

4. Words of Ibrahima Kh. Ndiaye, Secretary General of the Union of Professionals working in Information and Communication of Senegal (SYNPICS)

5. A keynote speech by Cheikh Abiboulaye Dieye, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy in Senegal

6. Set up of a National Committee for the Implementation of the UN Action Plan for the safety of journalists and the fight against impunity

7. Screening of film paying homage to the pioneers of the Senegalese press, followed by live testimonies and discussion

8. Conference on the theme: "For a sustainable and professional journalism: free media , rule of law and sustainable development post- 2015", hosted by CESTI and SYNPICS

9. Press conference and refreshments Furthermore, in partnership with the Union of Photojournalists of Senegal, a photo exhibition “The History and Evolution of Photojournalism in Senegal” will be held Friday 2 May at the Goethe Institute starting 9 am.

World press freedom day 2014

The theme of this World Press Freedom Day is divided into three sub-groups:

1. The importance of the media in development: The media helps to create its own inclusive public sphere in order to involve citizens in the process of good governance and sustainable development, and helping the society to define the direction of development, including its relationship with human rights and democratic values.

2. Safety of journalists and the rule of law: a free independent and pluralistic media environment, both online and offline should be an environment in which journalists can work safely and independently.

3. The sustainability and professionalism of journalism. Free, independent and pluralistic media can play their full role in the course of development if the following three conditions are respected: sustainability, professionalism and credibility.

Each year on 3 May, the World Press Freedom Day allows us to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, assess press freedom around the world, defend the independence of the media and pay a tribute to journalists who lost their lives exercising their duties.

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