11.11.2011 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Kickoff of 5th promotion of diploma course in Capacity building in education sector analysis

The 5th edition of the diploma course in Sectoral Policies and Management of Education Systems (PSGSE) has taken off this week in Dakar, Senegal.

Organized by UNESCO’s Regional Office for Education in Africa, the course focuses on capacity building of managers from education ministries in Africa as well as technical and financial partners and NGOs cooperating with UNESCO and countries in the field of education.

 Participating countries are Cameroun, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Republic of Democratic Congo, Senegal and Togo as well as eight professionals (4 from UNESCO and from UNICEF).

Equivalent to a Master in Education

It is a post-graduate diploma equivalent to a Master in Education.

It is issued by the ‘Pôle de Dakar’ a section of UNESCO Dakar specialized in sectoral analysis in education, in partnership with the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar and the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

“We are also in discussion with other universities to explore the possibilities of launching an English version of the training programme,” says Martine Boulanger, responsible for the course in the Pôle de Dakar.

Training is provided through face to face as well as through distance learning.

The 1st face to face programme

The 1st face to face programme of the 5th promotion (11-18 November 2011) will focus on:

  • General problems in education
  • Supply and demand for education
  • The arrangements for management of education systems
  • Presentation of training and joint modules
  • Presentation of the training platform
  • Introduction of the Calc spreadsheet
  • Basic Statistical Concepts

Ten years of experience

The Pôle de Dakar is specialized in assisting countries across Africa to carry out sectoral diagnostic assessments and subsequently define and implement relevant and clearly budgeted educational policies.

Since its establishment in 2002, it has ensured the technical supervision of the national teams in some 20 African countries in carrying out sector diagnosis in education (RESEN) and , the elaboration of Financial Simulation Models in Education.

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