11.10.2011 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Learning to train teachers online

Some 20 master trainers of teacher training institutions in West Africa are gathering this week in UNESCO’s office in Dakar (BREDA), Senegal to learn how to train new teachers through online platforms.

UNESCO Dakar has developed online modules on the Internet platform Moddle that will be used for creating online courses for teacher trainees.

The platform offers a variety of tools including instant messaging, chat rooms, forums, wikis and blogs that are increasingly used by new generations of learners.

The teacher trainers will learn how to use the platform through hands-on experience during the week.

It will include modules on how to capture and hold the attention of learners by creating online courses and by engaging them in video, audio and other interactive multimedia.

Develop a core of experts

The workshop aims to transform the way teacher training courses are taught and develop a core of experts in teacher training colleges in using innovative training initiative by using the Internet.

UNESCO also hopes the training will raise awareness on the importance of educators producing African Open Educational Resources (OER) and the use of free platforms such as Moodle to promote the open sharing of knowledge between Africa and the world.

The workshop is part of UNESCO’s Teacher Training Initiative for sub-Saharan Africa (TTISSA). teacher education purposes.

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