02.04.2012 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

MDG-F project on cultural industries in Senegal in final spurt

Newsletter of the MDG-F project on Cultural Industries in Senegal (in French only)

This is the ultimate moment of meeting the promises made by UN agencies regarding the promotion of cultural industries in Senegal.

The editorial in the latest issue of the newsletter 'The MDG-F on Culture and Development in Senegal' describes the challenges that remain before the project ends in September 2012.

We will have completed the construction sites of the Interpretation Centre in Toubacouta (Delta Saloum) and the Community Village in Bandafassi (Pays Bassari),” according to the editorial.

Possible World Heritage Site

The project team also counts on the successful admission on the World Heritage List of Humanity of the Pays Bassari, a region of rich ethnic diversity in Senegal’s south-eastern corner.

This will be decided at the meeting of the World Heritage Committee next June in Russia. Last July in Paris, the Committee admitted the Delta Saloum on the World Heritage List of Humanity as a cultural site.

Many challenges ahead

“The next six months will be busy to meet the many challenges that we have in this last stage of the project, but the prospects of success are good,” says Mamadou Koumé, coordinator of the MDG-F project that is coordinated by UNESCO Dakar.

The project comprises several UN partners (UNDP, UNFPA, UNIDO and UNWTO) as well as national partners led by the Cultural Heritage Bureau of Senegal. The project started in 2009 and runs until end of September 2012.

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