14.08.2017 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Local Education Group of Senegal: fruitful meeting in Saly co-chaired by UNESCO Dakar


Established in January 2017, the Local Education Group (LEG) is a framework for dialogue, sharing, monitoring and evaluation of education and training policies in Senegal. It brings together all the actors and partners in the sector, including representatives of the administration at political, technical and academic levels, as well as representatives of elected officials, civil society, technical and financial partners (PTF), teacher unions, parents, and the private sector.

The creation of the LEG aims at consolidating the dynamics of dialogue, that has existed for a long time in the education and training sector in Senegal, and at further strengthening cooperation between all actors, in order to meet the challenges in this key development sector. As such, the LEG contributes to the proper implementation of the sector program "Improving Quality, Equity and Transparency" (PAQUET), and constitutes a mechanism that enables Senegal to respond in an operational way to the orientations of the Global Partnership for Education.

After some months of operation, the President of the LEG, the Minister of National Education, stressed the importance of equipping this new system with tools enabling it to carry out its missions effectively. To this end, a small group of representatives of the different families of actors met from 03 to 05 August 2017 in Saly. Co-chaired by UNESCO Office in Dakar as the LEG Coordinating Agency and Sector Lead of the Education Development Partners in Senegal, the workshop provided a reflection on the strengths and the weaknesses of the system created, in order to redefine its terms of reference taking into account the changing context. Once these TORs were stabilized, an annual budgeted action plan could be developed, with an important focus on the operationalization of the LEG at the decentralized level.

Concrete proposals were also made to promote the efficient and inclusive functioning of the LEG, including the setting up of a steering committee responsible for day-to-day administration in which all the families of actors will be represented. Finally, in order to take better account of the different components of this vast sector, it was proposed to call this new framework of consultation a "National Education & Training Group ". In line with the sector program, this new designation also fully reflects the ambitions of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG4 on Education and Training.

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