17.04.2012 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

Statistical yearbook on education in the making in Senegal

The availability of reliable data is essential to effective decision-making in all areas including education.

To meet the need for better statistics in Senegal, experts from the Ministry of Education and specialists of the Institute of Statistics of UNESCO (UIS) are meeting from 17 to 19 April 2012 at UNESCO Dakar to analyze and validate the models produced to develop the statistical yearbook of education and training in Senegal.

A total of 30 participants take part in the meeting. The experts of Senegal represent all education sub-sectors, from early childhood to higher education as well as non-formal education.

Finalizing a long process

The meeting is part of a project to improve the process of producing and disseminating statistical information. The project is funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and implemented by UNESCO-Dakar.

The project has been implemented in several stages:

  1. Diagnosis of existing information system with proposed frameworks for all sub-sectors,
  2. Identification of needs and development of modules,
  3. Collection and data entry for all sub-sectors.

These three steps were performed satisfactory," says Sofia Moussitou Laurent, project manager at the UIS antenna in Dakar. 

"The fourth and final step is producing the statistical yearbook of all sub-sectors of education and training in Senegal," she adds.

Moussitou Laurent says that the models are now being developed and require validation by the heads of the various sub-sectors of education and training. “This is exactly the purpose of this meeting " she adds.

More efficient and effective

Once the statistical yearbook is produced, and the conditions for its regular updating is in place, it will help facilitate the reform of education and training policies.

"It will improve the efficiency of policies, plans and education programmes, streamlining the mobilization and utilization of resources and strengthening the decentralization of management of the education system," says Marc Bernal, UIS Regional Advisor.

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