16.01.2012 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

UN representatives discuss cultural industries in the Pays Bassari of Senegal

Traditional dancers from the Bassari region of Senegal. UNESCO Dakar an partners works to preserve and promote their culture. © Seya Ndiaye, DPC

How to promote cultural industries in the Pays Bassari, the green and hilly region of Senegal, som 700 kilometers from the capital of Dakar?

Representatives of UNESCO Dakar, UNDP, UNFPA and other UN agencies are going to Kédougou, the main town of the Bassari region, on 18-20 January 2012 to assess progress made by the various agencies and to liaise with the local communities.

The representatives form the technical committee in charge of managing the MDG-F project ‘Promotion of Cultural Initiatives and Industries in Senegal´(in French only). UNESCO Dakar is supervising the project.

Grand Ballet in place

“This is the first time ever that a committee meeting will take place in Kédougou, we are very pleased,” says Yao Ydo, UNESCO’s interim team leader of the project.

The Committee members will, among other things, review plans for a “community village” in Bandafassi, some 10 kilometers outside Kédougou.

The aim of the village is to provide a space for locals as well as turists to perform and showcase the Bassari culture.

Another highpoint will be the first presentation ever of the Grand Ballet of Bassari, which has been created thanks to the MDG-F project.

An engine for human development

The MDG-F project on cultural industries in Senegal aims at implementing national policies that will promote culture as an engine for sustainable human development.

It was launched in 2009 in two regions within Senegal, the Siné Saloum and the Pays Bassari, reaching some 300.000 people. It is part of the larger MDG-F project on 'Culture and Development' funded by Spain.

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