08.05.2013 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

UNESCO Dakar launches international campaign to collect Amilcar Cabral objects

M. Amadou Mahtar Mbow, former Director-General of UNESCO, will join a press conference on Tuesday 14 May 2013 at 10 am in Dakar, Senegal to launch an international campaign to collect objects, photos, documents and testimonies related to Amilcar Cabral, one of Africa’s most important revolutionaries. Mr Mbow will also speak about his memories of Mr Cabral.

The international campaign is part of wider UNESCO efforts to increase visibility of Amilcar Cabaral and commemorate the ‘Che Guevara of Africa’.

Amilcar Cabral (1924-1973) was a great independence fighter not only for his native country, Guinea Bissau but for Africa as a whole.

Restoration of Amical Cabral’s birthplace

The UNESCO Dakar Office, in partnership with the Guinea Bissau National Commission, restored Amical Cabral’s home and birthplace in Bafata, Guinea Bissau in 2011. On 20 January 2013, the house was inaugurated as a museum by the President of the Guinea Bissau, his Excellency Mr. Serifo Nhamadjo.

The remains of the Cabral’s car and the tank that was used to transport his body from the airport in Bissau to Fortaleza d’Amoura where he is buried, have been discovered in Bissau.

Some archives and photos have already been collected and postcards have recently gone on sale to collect funds necessary to continue the refurbishment of Amical Cabral's house/museum. The postcards are on sale at UNESCO's Office in Dakar. 

How to donate?

To all those who have  photos, objects, documents or who want to convey a testimony about Amilcar Cabral, please contact Mr Christian Ndombi the UNESCO Office in Dakar, tel: +221338492301; c.ndombi(a)unesco.org

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