26.06.2013 - Africa Department

UNESCO is hosting the press Conference of the 9th Edition of the International Festival of African Fashion - FIMA

The press conference announcing the launch of the 9th edition of the International Festival of African Fashion will take place on June 27th, 2013, at UNESCO headquarter. FIMA has become a major international event in the fashion scene and its 9th edition focusing on “the creativity in the service of the Peace in Africa”, will be organized from 20 to 25 November in Niamey.

UNESCO has always been involved in promoting African creativity convinced that creative industries, which are the fruits of the imagination and ingenuity of artists, are powerful leverages for the development of the continent.

In 1998, the FIMA first edition dedicated to “Culture, Peace and Development” in the desert of Tiguidit in Niger, was financially and logistically supported by UNESCO. Since then, the Organization has always contributed to the promotion of this manifestation, which conveys the wealth of the African cultural heritage across the world. That is why it supported the construction of a School of fashion and arts in Niger. This project has a double objective: To transmit the know-how and to help African designers acquire an international acknowledgement.

While FIMA’s goal is to celebrate African fashion, it also aims at raising awareness within African governments on the opportunities that the fashion industry could create for African development. Its founder, Alphadi, through his passion for fashion, has always been committed to promoting peace.

The conference will revisit the commitment of this great artist who has always been convinced that fashion could play a key role in the development of Africa. The conference will start by showing a movie about the FIMA project and will continue with a short show presenting the works of four African designers.

Several high ranking personalities will take the floor to testify on the importance and cultural wealth of FIMA, such as Mr. Mohamed Bazoum, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, African Integration, and Nigeriens Abroad, Mr. Kounou Hassane, Minister of youth, sports and culture in Niger, Mrs.Yahaya Baaré Haoua, Minister of Tourism and of Craft industry in Niger, Mrs. Lalla Aïcha Ben Barka, Assistant Director-General for UNESCO’s Africa Department, and Mr. Alphadi, President and Founder of FIMA.

The conference will conclude by an open discussion session with the press and the public.


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