03.04.2013 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

UNESCO's Associated Schools launch online collaborative platform on biodiversity


UNESCO's new online collaborative platform aims to enhance interaction and knowledge sharing on key issues among students worldwide. The platform is dedicated to learning and exchanging about biodiversity.

The new collaborative platform is part of UNESCO's Associated School Project (ASPnet), a global network of 9566 educational institutions in 180 countries. In Africa, there are over 2000 ASPnet schools in 42 countries.

Schools participating in ASPnet are encouraged to take part in this online collaborative platform to enhance networking and communication between students and teachers and to work together to actively engage in local and global initiatives to support and promote biodiversity. It is also an opportunity to share activities, projects, resources and multimedia as well as to connect and discuss topics related to biodiversity such as on climate change, culture, health, water, agriculture, food. 

Students from non-ASPnet schools are also invited to take part in the discussions. 

It is expected that the platform will gradually expand to focus on more themes such as education for sustainable development global citizenship and peace and human rights. 

The platform is developed with the support of the Japanese Funds-in-Trust. 



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