07.11.2013 - UNESCO Office in Dakar

World Science Day for Peace and Development 2013

© UN Photo/Fred Noy

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated on 10 November. This year’s theme is Science for Water Cooperation: Sharing Data, Knowledge and Innovations.

“There is enough water in the world – our challenge is to share and manage it sustainably and together,” states Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO in a message. “We believe that sharing data, knowledge and innovation is key to the sustainable management of water. Cooperation brings new ideas, it catalyses innovative solutions and it fosters new ways of working,” she adds.

Innovative project on drought in Africa

One example of an innovative project to manage drought risk is the experimental drought monitoring and forecast system for sub-Saharan Africa. In collaboration with UNESCO, Princeton University has developed this early warning system, which merges climate predictions, hydrological models and remote sensing data to provide timely and useful information on drought in regions.

Such information can provide governments with the lead-time necessary to implement drought management policies and reduce impacts at all levels.

In Africa, drought is one of the leading impediments to development The continent is heavily dependent on rain-fed agriculture and hence affected by climate variations. Recurring drought conditions in many regions of Africa have had devastating humanitarian impacts and impose significant reductions in gross domestic product for countries whose economies are tied to agriculture.

This innovative project is mentioned in the 2013 edition of the World Disasters Report

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