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A community journalist in action for the local radio in Kedougou, Senegal.

UNESCO's work in the field of Communication and Information focuses on promoting freedom of expression, media development and access to information and knowledge.

We mobilize our efforts to foster free, independent and pluralistic media. In order to empower individuals and local communities as producers and consumers of information we enhance community media. Journalists are in the core of our activities, we support their training and we are engaging in political debate to reinforce safety of journalists. We work close with the governments, regional organizations, NGOs and institutional partners providing assistance in building information literacy. Though the Memory of the World programme we are supporting protection of manuscripts.

Strong support to community radios

UNESCO’s Regional Office in Dakar has a strong focus on promoting community radios as a tool to advance on socio-economic development and support democratic processes within societies. What makes a community radio so powerful is its potential to reach out to people with little or no access to information. It is an efficient tool for educating and informing villagers about critical issues such as health, education, and sustainable development. Community radios are also being used to promote oral traditions.

UNESCO Dakar particularly supports the international network of women in community radios. We also provide training to journalists in issues related to climate change, human rights, and gender-based violence. Currently, we are focusing on training female journalists to cater to specific needs in all areas of development.

Partnership and fund-raising for media development

Usually at the beginning of the year, UNESCO Dakar prepares in cooperation with media professionals a series of project proposals to mobilize funds under the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) or other sources. In that context, three projects were prepared for Burkina Faso, Mali, and Senegal in 2015. The deadline to submit the projects of 2016 is 30 September 2015

World Press Freedom Day

Every year on 3 May, the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day. UNESCO Dakar actively supports the organization of events in the countries covered by the Office. Read about the latest celebration in Senegal.

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