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ICT in Education

UNESCO Youth Mobile global initiative is aimed to empower youth to resolve identified local issues of sustainable development and to reduce chronic youth unemployment through the creation and sale of smart mobile applications (apps), the formation of small businesses, and through acquisition of employability skills. The overarching objective is to have impacted young people worldwide, particularly young women, with the skills to develop, promote, and sell locally relevant mobile applications by 2017.

The initiative builds on the experience of many worldwide projects that introduce young people to computer science programming (learning-tocode) and problem solving (coding-tolearn).

It also seeks to show these young people that such computing power can be used for directly addressing their personal challenges or the problems faced by their local communities.

Eventually groups of young people can create a business or demonstrate skills for applying to IT jobs in the local, national, or international market.Bangladesh is included in this initiative and through UNESCO Dhaka Office implements this activity.

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