HIV & AIDS Education

UNESCO has been providing support for HIV and AIDS prevention education. HIV and AIDS education has been incorporated in secondary level text books. Besides that, under National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, UNESCO participated in advocacy through publications of easy reading materials and producing digital multimedia drama episodes. UNESCO supported for policy advocacy and awareness raising campaign through School Cricket Game during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.   As part of integrating HIV and AIDS education in NFE, curriculum and teaching-learning materials have been developed and capacity of BNFE project coordinators at Upazilla (sub-district) level have been enhanced to work as master trainers in HIV/AIDS. Initiatives have also been taken to integrate HIV and AIDS education in NFE curriculum e.g. Chetona literacy primer.

UNESCO Dhaka has published a research report on cultural factors in the transmission and prevention of HIV and AIDS. Service providers on STI, HIV and AIDS prevention have been sensitized for better service delivery. Effective advocacy and awareness campaign increased level of interest and acceptance by civil society population about MSM (Male having Sex with Male) and Hijras/Transgender.

Radio Today is delivering advocacy message to reduce stigma and increased knowledge about MSM. Peer Education Module and Sex & Sexuality Health Education Guideline for MSM populations developed and adapted and a Video Documentary Film “Anno Jibon” is developed on the existence and crisis, stigma and denial of MSM populations. Livelihood skills training was provided to MSM for better living.   A management and 6 business plans were developed by the trainees during the training.  However, these training activities were not enough for the trainees to initiate micro-finance activities due to their low level education and understanding about business.  Further hands-on and on-the job training will be required to use the knowledge and skills obtained from training to apply to the real work situation.

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