ICT in Education

In the context of growing demand of ICTs in everyday life and current government's Digital Bangladesh agenda, UNESCO has been providing support to GOB and NGOs to adopt ICTs as innovative approach to education. Recognizing the strength of digital media, teaching learning materials have been developed using ICTs (multimedia CD/DVD, animation and audio/video). UNESCO has also conducted a study on use of ICTs in literacy/NFE programmes in Bangladesh; and shared experiences of other countries in the Asia-Pacific. Based on the expert recommendations, UNESCO developed 30-episode TV programme to promote adult literacy that has been broadcasted to Bangladesh Television. UNESCO has also contributed in capacity building of teachers, NFE programme managers and facilitators in integrating ICTs in classroom teaching. Recognizing the need for better coordination among the several initiatives in ICT in education, UNESCO has been providing support to the Ministry of Education in preparing ICT in Education Master Plan 2012-2021.

In the process of preparing the ICT in Education Master Plan, the government and NGOs have been made aware about the potential of ICTs in education and some agencies have already undertaken initiatieves of using ICTs in improving access to and quality of education. However, implementation of the master plan needs careful planning, resource mobilization and strong leadership. Among the many activities laid out in the Master Plan, teachers training, curriculm development, improving assessment system, developing teaching-learning materials are the key areas where UNESO need to continue providing support in the future.

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