This page is designed to provide basic information on UNESCO procurement and to answer the questions of potential vendors (i.e. companies/entities) seeking registration and Business Opportunities with UNESCO.

Major Procurement Requirements

UNESCO procures goods, works and services at estimated USD 125 Million per year. An estimated 80 % of the total procurement expenditures are related to acquisition of professional services.

In addition to the requirements for the implementation of the programme activities under the main themes of Education, Natural Sciences, Social & Human Sciences, Culture, Communication & Information, UNESCO requires goods, works and services for general administration including Information Technology, Building Maintenance & Renovations as well as Conferences, Languages & Documents Services. Please also refer to UNESCO Worldwide, a section presenting the main activities of the Organization country by country.

Procurement Policies

UNESCO follows the Common Guidelines for Procurement by Organizations in the UN System. The selection process for contractors is governed by the principles of economy, effectiveness, competition and transparency.

United Nation System General Business Guide 
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Procurement notices

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