28.12.2016 - UNESCO Office in Doha

Boubyan Bank continues to support Big Tree Society Programme in 2016

Mulla Suleiman Mohammed Primary School

For the fourth year in row, the UNESCO Big Tree Society (BTS) Programme has successfully been rolled out in the State of Kuwait with support by the Boubyan Bank, in cooperation with the Kuwait Ministry of Education and the Kuwait National Commission for UNESCO.

Over the past four years, the Big Tree Society Programme has successfully encouraged eco-friendly projects and spread environmental awareness amongst student in more than 300 schools in Kuwait, representing more than 30 percent of all Kuwaiti schools.

The innovative aspect of the Big Tree Society Programme is that it puts students at its heart. Students represent the largest stakeholders in schools, making it important that they agree to what their school does towards environmental protection. The Big Tree Society Programme puts students at the steering wheel by letting them develop environmental programmes which they want to implement in their schools.

Encouraging student responsibility and fostering innovation, the BTS Programme makes students think of how they can motivate their peers who will not necessarily share the same interests.

One of the greatest challenges towards environmental protection and sustainable development is not in getting those who care to help, but it is to get those who don’t care to help. For this reason, the environmental projects need to be implemented in the entire school, with all stakeholders on board. As students choose and lead the projects, they are being held accountable for its implementation.

Schools grade and evaluate each other, promoting even greater innovation and learning. Big Tree Society school projects include school gardening, composting of leftover food of student’s lunch packs, marine life conservation fish farms, photovoltaic installations on schools, among other.  

Over the past years, the Big Tree Society Programme has helped encouraging students to conserve the environment and to follow behaviors that will create a better future for them and their children towards continuous environmental conservation for a better and more sustainable future for the coming generations. In parallel, the Big Tree Society Programme has helped to establish relationships with government entities and education institutions to improve education curricula to better align with environmental issues. 

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